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About Us

UCENMI was established to popularize the use of renewable energy sources and contribute to clean energy production.

"" is an online business portal where hundreds of EPC companies create their purchase requests and suppliers in the sector view the requests instantly and submit their offers.

To promote the use of renewable energy and build a sustainable future by contributing to clean energy production.

Our Vision

To add value to the sector by bringing together EPC companies and suppliers in the solar energy sector in the most effective and efficient way.

Our Mission

We combine our commitment to clean energy with the principle of sustainability.

We continuously produce innovative solutions by keeping up with the developments in the sector.

We are a team that draws strength from different perspectives and we see diversity as a richness.

We strive to strengthen communication within the team.

Our Values

We are a team, each of us with different backgrounds, diverse skills and united by our passion for our work. We are skilled in collaboration and communication, which helps us to increase the success of our projects.

As UCENMI, we are determined to increase our contribution to clean energy and play a leading role in the sector. We invite you to work with us to contribute to a sustainable future.

Our Team

As Ucenmi, we support our commitment to sustainable energy and collaborate with reliable continuity in the solar panel industry to deliver reliable top quality products. Here are a few of our solar panel suppliers that we need to achieve together.

Our Suppliers

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